Cheap bass but sounds good. It has really good tone and a nice, easy to play neck. Only downside is the pickups don't have the output of a Fender MIM.
Review of the Fender Rumble 500 with 2 10" speakers. Great sounding amp and plenty of power for most live situations with the ability to get a wide variety of tone. This is the amp I use for gigs.
Review of the Hofner C Series Club Bass. It's an extremely fun bass to play. The hollow body makes it incredibly light and adds richness to the tone. The neck is crazy thin. When strung with flatwound strings, it's great for roots rock 'n' roll and blues.
Zoom R16- Great recorder. Lots of
features and easy to use and navigate.​ I've received a lot of great comments on this step by step tutorial I did. I recorded Plenty 17 with the R16.
Review of a 2000 Made in Mexico Jazz
Bass. This is my bass of choice and the bass I play live. Great play-ability and tone for all styles of music​. 
Review of the Ibanez RG6003FM. My choice of guitar when doing solo shows. It has a comfortable neck and nice clean tones. I used this guitar on the song Plenty 17.
The Toby Deluxe by Tobias is a great looking and sounding bass that's comfortable to play, but it has questionable electronics that are a bit noisy. 
Review of the Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus 
pedal. It's the best bass chorus out there in my opinion.
The Glarry GP Bass is an affordable bass for beginners. I put this bass to the test by taking it to a couple of gigs and it played as well as any other bass. Of course, the tone and pickup output can't compare to mid or high end basses. Check out my video for the full review.
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Here's a bass instruction video I did called
Bass Guitar 101: Fundamental Knowledge. Every beginner bassist should check it out.​ I discuss the natural notes, the C Major scale, chords in the C Major scale, triads, and popular chord progressions.
This is my demo of Mighty Sound guitar effects pedals. For $25 or $35 you can't go wrong. These pedals definitely inspired me to sit down and play.
This is the Rogue Fretless Bass Series lll.
It's a cheap bass that can be bought for between $110 and $200 depending on if there is a sale. With a little tweaking it can sound good.​
Review of the Mackie Pro FX 12. Good board for small bands.​​