Affordable bass that sounds good. It has really good tone and a nice, easy to play neck. Used it at gigs and was pleased with the overall sound of the bass.
Zoom R16- Great recorder!! It has lots of features and it's easy to use and navigate.​ I've received a lot of great comments on this step by step tutorial I did. I also did 4 follow up videos to this one that can be found on my YouTube channel.  Spinning Wheel, My Wonderful Pain, Yours, Mine, And Ours, and Pulling Me Apart  were recorded with this. Click the original music videos tab above to check them out.
Review of the Schecter C-6 Elite. It's priced around $300. Very comfortable to play. Sounds thick with distortion on but also sounds good clean.
This is the very first bass lesson I posted and I'm pleased to say, it has helped thousands of beginners get a grasp on music theory and start their journey with playing bass guitar.
The Mackie Mix12FX is a low cost compact mixer with built-in effects. Good for solo, duo, and maybe a trio situation. Cons to the mixer would be lack of mute buttons and monitor sends.
The microKORG XL is a great tool to have. I've had one for years and have used it on many recordings. It has quality sounds that help to inspire songwriting ideas.​
Here's a demo of the Mackie Thump 12a
and it's different modes. The Mackie Thump 12a is built solid and is great to use as a main or stage monitor. ​
The Casiotone CT-300 is a low cost keyboard with and easy to navigate layout.
Comparing multitrack recorders to
professional studios both with analog and d​igital formats.
The Sterling Ray 4, Ray 34, and the Ernie Ball Music Man, all look similar, but there are different price points. This Sterling Ray 34 is great for recording and gets a variety of tone.
The Fender Mustang LT25 is a good sounding little amp that would be great for practicing solo or rehearsing with your band. It has 30 presets and learning the functions and navigation of the amp is easy.
This is the new Glarry 36" bass. It gets a
really punchy sound. It would be good for
youngsters just starting to learn or people
with smaller hands.​​​
In Bass Lesson #9 I go over chords for bass. Very important to know and helpful
if you want to get into songwriting.​
In this video I show how to change strings and do a set up on a 2000 MIM Fender Jazz bass.